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Reaction to Kings Firing of Paul Westphal

With the Sacramento Kings firing Paul Westphal, many emotions and questions from all over the spectrum are coming to the surface. One of the best outlets for anything Kings related is SB Nation's resident Kings expert and NBA mastermind Tom Ziller, who had some intriguing things to say on twitter:

By his own rope Ziller means of course means that whole fiasco with DeMarcus Cousins a few days ago. You remember, Westphal sent out a statement telling everyone that Cousins was sent home?

No one may ever know. But the fact of the matter is the Kings are in disarray, and there are few places to turn for answers right now.

And according to SI's Sam Amick, GM Geoff Peterie had been 'distancing himself' from the team as of late, isn't going to help either. This team may be a mess, but Ziller still keeps looking forward:

For more on the firing of Westphal or more on the Kings in general, head over to Sactown Royalty.