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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Would 49ers Look To Upgrade Their WR Corps With First Pick?

The latest SB Nation mock draft is out and Ryan Van Bibber has, most likely, wisely chosen to project Andrew Luck to go to the Colts with the number one pick. Can't say I disagree with that assessment, though it should get interesting should Luck decide playing behind Peyton Manning for 3+ seasons is not for him. Regardless, after that first pick, the waters get a little murkier. It's still early, obviously, and many things can change between now and Draft day, but Van Bibber has an intriguing prospect projected to the 49ers.

29. San Francisco 49ers, Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina

Is this too high for the man who invented "Casual Sexxxy"? Maybe, but the 49ers need another receiver to pair with Michael Crabtree. More: Check out SB Nation's latest NFL mock draft.

Dwight Jones is a very talented receiver that may make his way up some draft boards before Draft day rolls around, and at 29, where the 49ers are projected to pick by Van Bibber, could be a steal. At 6'4, 225, he's the prototypical size for a #1 receiver and as Van Bibber points out, would complement Michael Crabtree quite well.

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