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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Both Drop Kings, Warriors Even Further

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings can't seem to separate from each other. Both teams again have the same number of wins at six, only the Kings have two more losses with 14 to the Dubs' 12. And both teams are rightfully viewed among the bottom crust of the league and it shows in the nation's power rankings.

ESPN dropped Golden State two spots to no. 23 and pointed out how poorly the Warriors have played against the Western Conference (1-7). SBNation put them at no. 25 and pointed out the same issue the Warriors have had for years - an explosive offense and a lackluster defense. The Warriors currently have the no. 6 shooting offense and no. 22 shooting defense. Something has to give.

ESPN dropped the Kings four spots to no. 26 but gave Jimmer Fredette some pub as he's hit 17 of his last 25 three-point attempts after shooting below 40-percent from that distance prior to his recent surge. SBNation wasn't as kind. It too ranked the Kings at no. 26 but declared them the worst 6-14 team in NBA history. Three losses of at least 29 points and six 20-point losses doesn't exactly garner too much respect.