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Bracketology 2012: Joe Lunardi Has Cal And St. Mary's In, Stanford Bubble Territory

It's still looking as if three Bay Area teams might make the 2012 NCAA tournament. But according to Joe Lunardi of ESPN, the Stanford Cardinal are barely breathing.

After a tough road trip which saw them got swept by Washington and Washington State, Stanford is losing their iron grip on a seed and needs to start recovering in a hurry. The Cardinal have fallen all the way down to the bubble, and just get in as one of the last four in. That would mean they'd be playing an extra game, and would draw Marshall to try and get into the Round of 64, then facing off with UConn.

The California Golden Bears aren't in great shape either after a tough loss to Washington State, but they're on more tenable ground, drawing a 9th seed to play Virginia for the right to likely face Kansas the next round. The St. Mary's Gaels is now a sixth seed taking on Minnesota, and should be safe barring an epic collapse down the stretch.

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