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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Agree On Warriors, Differ On Kings

Warriors have found their identity but the Kings are still finding their way through the Power Rankings.

The Bay Area basketball teams are still wallowing within the depths of mediocrity but it hasn't prevented neither the Golden State Warriors nor the Sacramento Kings from providing plenty of storylines and fodder for the nation's Power Rankings.

The Warriors were ranked no. 21 in both ESPN's and SBNation's rankings. ESPN mentioned how the Warriors have struggled to close out games as four of their 10 losses have been decided in the final minute of the game, the latest being Friday's loss to the Indiana Pacers that included a missed kicked ball call the league admitted the refs missed. SBNation sees a watchable future in sight even though the Warriors have the second-worst record in the West.

The Kings were ranked no. 22 in ESPN's rankings (up from no. 29) but got no love from SBNation as it sits at no. 27. ESPN praised the ‘team that still needs a passer' for knocking off the Pacers at home and surprising the Spurs on the road. SBNation admitted to just not being able to watch this team on the road and for good reason. Of the Kings eight losses on the road, five of those have been by at least 20 and two by at least 30. Well, that's just not cool.