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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Give Golden State Warriors Get Love, Sacramento Kings Get Coals

Golden State Warriors are still trying to find themselves while the Kings continue to tumble.

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The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings do have one thing in common - they each have only four wins this season. The only difference is that the Warriors have at least shown signs of being able to compete with the upper echelon of the league on occasion while the Kings continue to look like a young team that plays young.

So, the nation's power rankings reflected the varying views on where the Warriors and Kings both stand among the rest of the league.

ESPN moved the Warriors up three spots to no. 21 and their comments reflected the up-and-down nature of the Warriors play. They can beat Chicago and Miami, but they can also lose to Charlotte. SBNation ranked them at no. 20 but hinted at the possibility of the Warriors at least one day being mentioned as a possible no. 8 seed in the west behind the play of Monta Ellis and David Lee.

ESPN moved the Kings down six spots to no. 29 and couldn't get over the utter travesty that was the Kings' 25.6 percent shooting performance in their 99-60 loss at Dallas. SBNation, who ranked the Kings at no. 28, couldn't get over the pain of that game either.

Let's move on and hope that next week brings some happiness, shall we?