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John Madden And Steve Mariucci Praise The San Francisco 49ers

John Madden and Steve Mariucci enjoyed plenty of success during their runs with the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, respectively. Recently, they both took the airwaves on KCBS 740-AM and KNBR 680-AM to talk about the one Bay Area team still remaining in the NFL Playoffs - The Niners.

Both former coaches are high on the Niners. They've enjoyed watching their transformation under Jim Harbaugh back into a team worthy of wearing the jerseys that have produced so many memorable moments throughout the team's history.

They also loved what they watched on Saturday when the Niners pulled out a 36-32 thriller over the New Orleans Saints.

"That's the best game I've ever watched," Madden said. "It had everything in it. Great plays, and great plays when they were needed to win."

Madden also likes the Niners' chances of getting to the Super Bowl saying, "They have everything in their favor. They're at home and that's a big advantage."

Mariucci didn't hide his support of quarterback Alex Smith. Some folks are new to bandwagon, Mariucci has been a chartered member since Smith was at Utah.

"I've always been an Alex Smith fan," Mariucci said. "Believe me, I really liked him coming out of Utah. He was undefeated, smart, athletic. He belonged in a West Coast offense because of his athleticism. You saw him scoot 28 yards for that touchdown Saturday."

Mariucci gives Harbaugh credit for sticking by Smith when he saw that Smith's skillset fit perfectly into what he was trying to do on offense.

"This West Coast offense is very good for Alex, and he's proving Jim Harbaugh right for keeping him."