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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck To Colts, Jonathan Martin To Chiefs, David DeCastro To Bengals, Coby Fleener To Giants

Andrew Luck is almost certainly going to the Indianapolis Colts, who have the number one pick in their back pocket. But could there be as many as three of Luck's teammates joining him in the first round?

Jonathan Martin seems to be the next recruit in line, as offensive tackles definitely have premium value. In the latest mock draft of Rob Rang of CBS Sports, Martin goes 11th to the Kansas City Chiefs to try and fill in a weakness at right tackle. David DeCastro is a little bit further down the board at 17th for the Cincinnati Bengals, who would love to have an interior lineman to try and bulldoze inside and open up the run game to complement the promising Andy Dalton.

A new addition appears to be Cardinal tight end Coby Fleener, who ends up at the tail-end of the first round. Although Jake Ballard has made his share of big catches this season, New York could sure use a big physical and capable tight end who knows how to go down the middle and get big catches. Fleener fits the mold of a guy who could really help out Eli Manning.

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