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Floyd Mayweather Rumors: Robert Guerrero Still Trying To Get May 5 Fight Over Manny Pacquiao

The boxing world is a tumultuous one and news reports one day are distant memories within a couple days. That is quickly turning into such a case with Robert Guerrero. Two days ago, there were rumors that Guerrero had a shot at fighting Floyd Mayweather on May 5 at the MGM Grand.

Mayweather has wanted Pacquiao for the May 5 date, but that has developed into the expected cluster. Over the last week, various names have popped up as a possible substitute fighter, including Guerrero. However, that may soon be a distant memory. Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer said Mayweather-Guerrero would not happen. That was followed up by Mayweather saying he only wanted Pacquiao for May 5. He has acknowledged he might fight Canelo Alvarez or Miguel Cotto, but Pacquiao was the guy he really wanted.

Naturally, Guerrero is still trying to make the fight happen. He is using the time-honored boxing tradition of accusing Mayweather of ducking him and do everything short of calling him a chicken. It is unlikely to work, but it does at least make for some entertaining copy.