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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck No. 1, Jonathan Martin To Panthers, David DeCastro To Jets

The Stanford Cardinals had quite the season in 2011 and they program will see their best draft day in history in 2012 because of it. With three players -- quarterback Andrew Luck and offensive linemen Jonathan Martin and David DeCastro -- all projected to go in the first round, the Cardinal should be well represented on draft night. Most believe Luck will end up with the Indianapolis Colts, but what about Martin and DeCastro? The latest mock draft from With The First Pick gives some insight.


1. Indianapolis Colts (2-14)-Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Cardinal

The only pick here. Colts owner Jim Irsay has reportedly already decided on Luck and for good reason. The new G.M. will have to be on board with that decision if he wants to be the Colts general manager.


8. Carolina Panthers (6-10) (coin flip)-Jonathan Martin, T, Stanford Cardinal

If both of the top Wide receivers are gone here tackle becomes very likely pick for the Panthers.


16. New York Jets (8-8)-David DeCastro, G, Stanford Cardinal

The Jets need to improve their offensive line one way or the other. The big problem spot is actually right tackle, but there isn’t a great option at right tackle available at this juncture so they take the best offensive linemen available. DeCastro is perhaps the safest prospect in this draft class. He does everything well, he doesn’t offer great positional value, but is a great player value here.

The thought of Luck as a Colt is all-but-guaranteed right now, while the selections for both Arizona and Dallas make sense. Both clubs need help up front to protect their quarterbacks and there will be plenty of skill position players available in the later rounds to take a chance on. The Cardinals and Cowboys were on the cusp of the playoffs in 2011 and a strong draft could propel both into the postseason next year.

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