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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck No. 1, Jonathan Martin To Dolphins, David DeCastro To Chiefs

Mocking The Draft is already hard at work compiling mock drafts, and this one by writer pick256 heavily favors anyone wearing a Stanford Cardinal uniform. Three of their members are picked up by the 11th pick overall.

There isn't really much else to discuss about Andrew Luck. If the Colts have the number one pick, they will take the Stanford quarterback without hesitation. If the pick gets traded, they will almost certainly take Luck. Not much to rehash there.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs take Stanford prospects Jonathan Martin and David DeCastro for differing reasons. The Dolphins take Martin to fill a big need at right tackle; Marc Columbo is hardly the guy they want protecting their quarterback of the future, who will probably not be available with the ninth pick. The Chiefs also probably want a quarterback, but with Luck and Robert Griffin III probably off the board, that leaves a sure thing in DeCastro, who is one of the best offensive guards you'll probably ever find in a draft.

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