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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN Drops Kings, Warriors

The Kings and the Warriors are both suffering... But what else is new?

While the Bay Area prepares for the San Francisco 49ers home playoff game, it still must endure what has already turned into scenes all to familiar when dealing with the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

The Kings are dealing with the firing of Paul Westphal and the fractured relationship with enigmatic but talented young stud DeMarcus Cousins. The Warriors are dealing with the continual health issue of Stephen Curry's ankle and some tough losses after starting the season strong.

ESPN's Marc Stein's Power Rankings came out yesterday and he didn't give the Kings nor the Dubs any favors.

The Kings rank no. 23, two spots down from last week, as Stein openly expressed a return back to the heyday of the early 2000s when the Kings were arguably the most exciting team in the league and perennial contender.

The Dubs dropped a full 10 spots to no. 24 as the reality of how mediocre the team really is sets in. Yes, they can be explosive at times but with Curry hobbling, this season is already taking a turn for the worse after having such high expectations with new head coach Mark Jackson coming in.

But hey, at least the Niners are still around.