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David Akers Fake FG TD Video: 49ers Kicker Connects With Michael Crabtree

After the St. Louis Rams failed on a trick play earlier against the San Francisco 49ers, the Niners decided to pull out a bit of trickeration of their own as kicker David Akers threw about the easiest touchdown pass possible on a fake field goal to wide receiver Michael Crabtree to extend their lead, and inch that much closer to locking up the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoff picture.

The Rams most certainly were sleeping on this one, but it's not exactly something you see a lot in the NFL. Since Crabtree took part in the previous play, he did not have to return inside the numbers before the next play. Thusly, Crabs can chill by the sideline inauspiciously, David Akers can throw him a softball, and the Niners and special teams coach Brad Seely can savor the flavor of a deliciously tricky touchdown.

With that pass, Crabtree earned his first two touchdown game ever in his NFL career, while David Akers set a new NFL record with the most points scored by a kicker in a season with 165 of them. No big deal.

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