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Santa Clara-Wagner Referee Mistake: Officials Could Face Punishment [VIDEO]

The Santa Clara Broncos hosted the 45th Cable Car Classic tournament on Thursday and Friday of last week. Perhaps not surprisingly, they coasted past the Eastern Michigan Eagles to make it to the finals against the Wagner Seahawks, where they lost by a final score of 64-62. But a second look at the final, buzzer-beating, game-winning shot by Kenny Ortiz of the Seahawks reveals something interesting -- namely, that the basket definitely should not have counted.

You should definitely take a moment to watch that clip, if for no other reason that disbelieving, homer college basketball announcers witnessing a travesty of justice taking place.

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports points out that a shot that goes over the backboard en route to making it into the basket is not a goal, which is something that officials in an NCAA game should absolutely know.

The Cable Car Classic has seen a botched referee call before, which resulted in a ban of one game for the officiating crew. That may seem like a bit of a lenient punishment for something as significant as altering the entire outcome of a game, but bear in mind that it's not really a serious NCAA infraction. Nothing like, say, getting paid to play a sport or anything.