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Al Michaels SLAMS Al Davis -- "You Ain't Gonna Win A Super Bowl"

Hall-of-fame broadcaster Al Michaels is not known for typically calling out those in the sports industry. That changed when a recent video surfaced on that had Michaels slamming Al Davis and the Raiders. Here are a few of the highlights from the video, which is a must-watch.

Fan: "Are we ever going to win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive?"

Michaels: "NO."

Fan: "Never?"

Michaels: "Well, how much longer do you think Al Davis is going to live?"

Fan: "He's going to outlive all of us!"

Michaels: (laughs) "He may do that, but you ain't going to win a Super Bowl."

The broadcaster continues to poke fun at Davis as the interview continues, though it appears it was all in jest. The debate of whether or not Davis is a genius closes out the video, which is followed by more laughing from Michaels as he proceeds to leave.

Al Davis is an iconic figure (for better or for worse) around the league and the video is bound to fly across the web. Was Michaels out of line? Or was he just taking his turn at poking a little fun at a guy who has taken his fair share of criticism the last decade? You can be the judge of that.