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49ers Depth Chart: A Look At Wide Receivers And Running Backs

The San Francisco 49ers have set up their roster for the upcoming season, and the question now turns to how the depth chart fills out position-by-position. The 49ers have worked out an updated depth chart, and here's a look at what we know about the wide receivers and running backs in San Francisco.

The wide receiver pool will fill out with Braylon Edwards, Josh Morgan, and Kyle Williams, Tedd Ginn Jr and Michael Crabtree. It appears that the recently-acquired Braylon Edwards, who found out on Tuesday that he will not have to serve a suspension for a DUI last season, will have a shot at one of the two starting wide receiver slots. Ginn and Morgan also figure to factor in at the top of the wide receiver pool. Crabtree, meanwhile, sits at the bottom of the depth chart due to his foot injury, according to Samuel Lam. As he works his way back into health, Crabtree will certainly climb up the ranks.

Meanwhile, Frank Gore will lead the running backs with Anthony Dixon slotted as the second running back and Kyle Hunter as the third. Hunter will also handle the team's main kickoff return duties this year.

The running back position seems to be fairly stable at this point with a clear pecking order from top to bottom. The wide receiver pool, however, is a completely different story.  The receiver position should begin to clear up and change as the 49ers get their first few games underway.