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VIDEO: DeSean Jackson Is Scorching Fast, Chases Down Ray Edwards

So the Philadelphia Eagles had turnover issues in their loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday Night Football. Perhaps the biggest one came late in the first half with Philly established deep in Falcons territory.

Up 17-7, the Eagles had a breakdown on the offensive line and somehow let defensive tackle Peria Jerry rumble into the backfield, break up a handoff between Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, and have the fumble stumble back into the hands of Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards. Edwards appeared to have clear open spaces between him and the end zone.

But then here comes DeSean Jackson. And you might not know this, but he's kind of sort of fast.

(via broncodawg)

The most amazing thing about DeSean's tackle is that he has to make up about 15 yards on Edwards from the start of the fumble, and he just breezes past the other Falcons defenders playing in support (as well as Eagles tailback Ronnie Brown, who had been running stride-for-stride and had less distance to make up than Jackson) to get Edwards from behind. The Cal alum is known for his speed, and he needed all of it to track Edwards down well short of the end zone.

Did Edwards slow up on the play a little? It sure looks like it, which is why he might never live this one down from his teammates. But I'd imagine a lot of players would have trouble trying to run about 85 yards of a football field and still eluding Jackson running the full hundred.