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Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: Mark Jackson Prepared To Teach Ortiz Defense

After the craziness of the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight, it is not surprised that celebrities across the globe are tweeting in about the result. The fight saw Floyd Mayweather secure a knockout in the fourth, which capped a sequence of events so strange that it could only happen in boxing.

Mayweather appeared to be leading the fight but Ortiz was getting more and more physical with Floyd. As Ortiz would force Floyd onto the ropes, Floyd would pull his head as far back amidst a tie up to prevent Ortiz from unloading on him. Ortiz then proceeded to fire a headbutt at Mayweather. Headbutts happen frequently in boxing, but this was about as blatant a purposeful headbutt as we'll ever see.

Referee Joe Cortez called time and deducted a point from Ortiz, who was busy trying to make nice with Mayweather for the headbutt. The scene reached its climax when Ortiz went in for a hug and proceeded to take two vicious shots from Mayweather and go down for the count. Here's a gif of the knockout:


More importantly, check out what Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson had to say about Victor Oritz after the fight:

Hey Ortiz, Hand Down Man Down!!!!!!!
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I'm not sure whether that's poorly timed or wildly hilarious but no matter what, it's definitely true.

This gif shows the sequence from the attempted hug to Victor Ortiz getting flattened.