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VIDEO: Hope Solo & Alex Morgan Dancing Advertisement

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan have been teamed up a lot in their advertisements, and it makes sense. As the two biggest stars of the US Women's National Team, they should be the two at the forefront promoting women's soccer in America. It's why Solo is on Dancing With the Stars, why both appeared on the red carpet for the Entourage premiere, and why the two hit the media junket together after their World Cup defeat. They have both great talent and big fan clubs.

Now the two are doing advertisements together! Check out the video after the jump.

(via justdancegame)

It's good to see Solo and Morgan promoting a wholesome family game like Just Dance. It's nice to see them promoting something that provides regular exercise, which could hopefully ensure that future Alex Morgans and Hope Solos will be playing women's sports down the line.

Oh, and the dancing. Good to see them dancing too.