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VIDEO: Watch the Stockton Ports Celebrate Cal League Championship Berth

After their come from behind victory against the San Jose Giants on Tuesday night, the Stockton Ports had themselves a bit of a celebration in the clubhouse for the championship berth. It was, of course filled with the obligatory beer/champagne showers, hilarious dance circles, indiscernible chanting, and most of all extreme elation from players and fans alike.

The Ports had been duking it out with the Giants all season long, but finally got the last laugh after a little small ball and poor pitching loaded the bases for Stockton in the seventh, ultimately taking the lead for good with a wild pitch, a Mitch LeVier RBI single, and a Rashun Dixon RBI fielder's choice. Coming from behind at home; what a great way to clinch a chance at a championship.

Here's a video courtesy of the Stockton Ports of that aforementioned celebration, which may or may not include a 'Stomp' like drum kit, strobe lights, ice throwing, and grown men acting like children. True cinematic beauty. Watch and enjoy.

Full Version (via TheStocktonPorts)

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