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Raiders vs. Broncos: Samuel L. Jackson Describes The True Meaning Of Hate

The Raiders and the Broncos have been arch-rivals for years and no matter how poorly either is performing, the rivalry remains. It seemed to peak during the Mike Shanahan years, but it remains intense nonetheless. Both teams have plenty of question marks heading into 2011, but that won't stop the blood from boiling on Monday Night Football.

Back in 2003, Monday Night Football introduced a Raiders-Broncos game with video of Samuel L. Jackson. Over the course of the video, Jackson described what most would readily view as the true meaning of hate on the football field. Head after the jump to view an intro that we are not likely to see anymore as the world has gotten more and more PC. How many times will we see a description of teeth on the twenty yard line or someone's mama freaking out because she can't recognize her baby's face? Well played ABC, well played.