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49ers vs. Seahawks: Michael Crabtree Says He's Not 100%, But Plans To Play Every Week

During the San Francisco 49ers' 33-17 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, wide receiver Michael Crabtree played very sparingly in the second half due to his nagging foot injury. Crabs took some time to speak to the media after the game, and talk about how the injury effects his game:

Are you 100 percent? Do you feel like you're 100 percent?

"No. If I was 100 percent I would've finished the game, but I'm not 100 percent."

I don't think the Niners bank on Ted Ginn returning 2 kicks for touchdowns every game, so this is (still) not good news for San Francisco and it's fans. 

Did you have any problems with your cleats?

"No. It doesn't matter what cleats I have on to tell you the truth. It's my foot. It's not totally healed but it's good enough for me to go out there and play. Coach put me in, he knows I've played football before."

Maybe Crabs should start playing in Skechers Shape Ups like Joe Montana, I bet his feet don't hurt. And thanks bud, we all know you've played football before. 

Does it start to get sore at the end of practices as well, or was it just today?

"No not at all. It was just today. You're giving it your all in a game, it's the first game. It should be alright though."

 Also, not good. It is the first game, they don't need this inhibiting him or taking away from his playing time the rest of the season. Somehow this thing needs to be nipped in the bud. 

Obviously it's a week away, but do you think you'll be playing next week or does your foot need time to fully heal?

"I think I'm going to play every week. That's football. The season has started, so if it hurts again and I can't go then I'm just going to come out."

Maybe it's just me but I don't like how he worded this. It's like he can play until he's over it, then wave to the sideline and chill the rest of the game. I'm sure that isn't exactly the case, but still. They need him out there just as bad as he wants to be out there, yet unless it magically gets better or he takes time off, Crabs' foot problems seem to be sticking around. 

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