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49ers vs. Seahawks Score Update: Golden Tate Gets Seahawks On The Board, SF Leads 16-10

The 49ers began the second half with the ball and an 0-6 mark on third down conversions. They failed to get a first down on the half's opening drive and took that third down (in)efficiency mark to 0-7. Seattle gets the ball and they get to 3rd-and-10, but once again, Doug Baldwin grabs a reception to convert on third-and-long. Then the Seahawks offense started to click, getting three yards here, eight yards here, and eventually had themselves on the eight-yard line threatening to score. Carlos Rogers makes a great play on first down in the endzone to break up a pass to Obamanu. Then Golden Tate is found on the quick slant to get the touchdown to finally put Seattle on the board 7-0.

San Francisco got the ball back and started it off with the customary run-for-zero-yards. They followed this with a deep bomb to Vernon Davis, which the tight end failed to even reach for, so it fell incomplete. Alex Smith found Davis on the next play, but it was a loss of three and the 49ers went on to punt.

Fortunately for them, Seattle lost some momentum on the next drive, going three-and-out, and being forced to punt. They needed that, as the last thing they'd have wanted was more momentum for their division. Unfortunately for them, they upped their 0-7 to an 0-8 on the previous drive, and an 0-9 after that.

A huge Leon Washington kickoff return was brought back due to an illegal block in the back. Mike Williams would go on to catch a great pass at the sideline for a first down. They get another completion and a first down, and the momentum is swinging back in their favor with two minutes left in the quarter. Then, the Seahawks go for a pass over the middle and Madieu Williams breaks it up with a great shoulder-to-shoulder tackle, but two referees throw the flag and it's called a hit to the head of a defenseless receiver. That's two referees right in front of it completely missing what happened. And it was very clearly a legal tackle.

Aldon Smith breaks up a big pass at the line of scrimmage on second down, which brings up a 3rd-and-13 for the Seahawks. Tavaris Jackson fumbles on the snap, recovers it, and they bring out the field goal unit. At the start of the fourth, it's good and the Seahawks get three more. 49ers lead 16-0.