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49ers vs. Seahawks Score Update: Alex Smith Rushes For TD, David Akers Adds Another FG

On the Seahawks first drive of the second quarter, they converted a third down courtesy of Doug Baldwin, but Tavaris Jackson was intercepted by defensive end Will Tukuafu on the very next play. Actually, it went down as a fumble recovery for Tukuafu, but what's most notable is that it was his first play from scrimmage in the NFL regular season. Can you say awesome?

The 49ers would eventually turn that into points, taking a couple plays and an eventual dropped pass by Frank Gore on third down, when David Akers drilled a 24-yard field goal. That put San Francisco up 6-0 in the second quarter.

The Seahawks eventually had to punt again, not being able to get anything done against San Francisco's defense. Patrick Willis blew up the screen pass on third down, not a player alive could have caught that pass and turned it into a first down. Ted Ginn Jr. loses ten yards on the punt after making about what seemed like thirty or forty guys miss. A shame he was making them miss by running in the wrong direction.

On the second play of the next 49ers drive, Alex Smith scrambles and floats a pass up over two defenders, hitting tight end Vernon Davis for a 27-yard gain. The 49ers get to 4th-and-1 and they go for it, with Adam Snyder reporting as an eligible receiver. Snyder moves in motion and the Seahawks jump and get called on encroachment. Eventually, another 4th-and-1 comes up for San Francisco, but they elect to kick the field goal, and David Akers makes it for the third time today, this time from 31-yards to put the 49ers up 9-0 with 2:40 left in the half.

If you blinked, you missed Seattle's possession, where Patrick Willis blasted Tavaris Jackson on third down to force the punt. Alex Smith has a scramble for a first down, and then Vernon Davis hauls in another reception, this one for 16-yards. It was a beauty, where he spun and barely pulled it in. Then Michael Crabtree got his first reception of the game, a four yard catch over the middle. An encroachment penalty by Seattle sets the 49ers up with a 3rd-and-1, Smith drops back and throws to Braylon Edwards, who is being held by the corner, and the 49ers get the ball with a first down on the one-yard line with 17 seconds to go.

49ers showed pass, but Smith fakes the handoff and rolls out to the right, before running it in himself and spinning around a defender, to put the 49ers up 15-0. Akers makes it 16-0 with the extra point.