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Oakland Raiders Training Camp 2011: Satele Has The Upper Hand On Stefen Wisniewski

On the day that Stefen Wisniewski was drafted by the Oakland Raiders he was crowned the “Starting Center”. Now, ten days into training camp, the young Wisniewski is fighting to start at Center OR Left Guard.

As Hue Jackson has, recently, been quick to point out, “(Stefen) was the only center on our roster when he was selected”. It is worth noting that he only mentioned this after Samson Satele’s first complete practice, where, by the end of practice it was clear to everyone on the sidelines that Satele is the best option at this point.

Three times this Summer, Stefen has rolled a shotgun snap and twice, he and Boller have put the ball on the ground from under center.

This has caused the team to look at Wisniewski as a potential LG and he has been battling Daniel Loper for playing time at Guard for the past three practices.

This all seems to be playing out the way that Samson detailed it when speaking with reporters last Friday:

“Like I told the other reporter, if he’s the man, he’s the man, you know, I’ll back him up. If I’m the man then, you know, he may be starting at Left Guard or backing up both positions. So, let the best man win.”

A this point, it looks like Samson is the “Best Man”, but, don’t count young Stefen out, he is working hard and I am sure that we have not seen the last of him at Center.