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49ers Free Agents: Dashon Goldson Reportedly Returns To 49ers On One Year Deal

In a bit of a sudden about face, the 49ers and Dashon Goldson have reportedly agreed to terms on a one-year contract. Goldson had reportedly been a top priority for the team but given the team’s additions of Madieu Williams and Donte Whitner, many were expecting Goldson to walk.

There may be an explanation for the move, although it’s primarily speculation at this point. The reported signing comes not too long after Reggie Smith put together a fairly ominous sounding tweet. It remains to be seen what that tweet means as this morning he tweeted Up and ready, time to get busy!!!

Coach Harbaugh has been fairly tight lipped about injuries thus far and the team won’t be providing much in the way of injury reports until the season starts and further disclosure is required prior to games. However, if Smith is limited at this point, Goldson would likely line back up at free safety opposite Donte Whitner, with Madieu Williams as the primary backup. We’ll likely find out more over the next few days leading up to the preseason opener against the Saints on Friday.