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VIDEO: New Moneyball Trailer Released

The Moneyball movie hits theaters on September 23 and with the date fast approaching, a new trailer was released this past week. This follows the June release of the first trailer on Entertainment Tonight. The new trailer features some additional playing scenes that provide a sort of Major League style of bumbling talent at the outset. We see Scott Hatteberg learning to play first base and Chad Bradford learning to throw in mold of a submarine-style pitcher.

As with the previous trailer, the climactic scene once again is the 20-game win streak and Scott Hatteberg's game-winning home run. Given the fact that the Oakland Athletics have failed to win a World Series under Billy Beane, one has to imagine the movie will conclude with a sort of "moral victory" type of ending. The Hatteberg home run will be one of the final scenes with some kind of wrap-up about still falling just short. Even without the World Series victory, watching the scenes from the 20-game win streak still gives me goose bumps, which could be enough to make for a fantastic movie.