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VIDEO: Matt Barnes Breaks Ankles, Scores Game-Winner At SF Pro-AM

No, I can't find video of Matt Barnes punching anyone (the closest I could find is the aftermath of the punch and his teammate holding him back), and really who cares about the punches? Anyone who has followed basketball for a reasonable period of time knows that Barnes appears to have the mind of a rattlesnake; docile in many situations, but capable of vicious strikes when it happened. And of course Barnes tends to make a lot of noise when he does get provoked.

Matt Barnes has anger issues. He really should see someone to figure them out.

After the jump, basketball video.

(via Yayareasfinest2006)

Barnes is also generally good at basketball. He broke the ankles of a player who isn't quite as good at basketball as he is. I also present to you the Matt Barnes play to end all Matt Barnes plays, where he ignores the certainly excessive waving of his teammate to drive to the basket and lay-it-in for the game winner.

Matt Barnes might be angry, but he is still quite the entertainer.