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49ers Guarantee No Money To Braylon Edwards, Just in Case

The San Francisco 49ers were looking for some hands help for this upcoming season, but didn't want to have to worry about distractions from a prima donna wide receivers. Enter Braylon Edwards, a wideout with a history of distracting and unnecessary behavior, joining the new non-sense regime of Jim Harbaugh with one little asterisk. Edwards contract comes with no guaranteed money, meaning if he doesn't produce or starts causing headaches the Niners can drop him like a bad habit and not have spent a dime. 

According to CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco, Edwards has $1 million base salary along with no guaranteed money in his reported $3.5 million salary for 2011. Braylon will earn all of his money only if he reaches all his incentives; nothing short of catching 90 balls and making the Pro Bowl. 

If the Niners have Edwards on the week one roster, than his $1 million base will become guaranteed. But if he doesn't pan out for whatever reason during the preseason or training camp he can be gone faster than he arrived, with not a cent of the 49ers money to his name and his thumb outstretched to hopefully be picked up by another team in the NFL. 

The fact that Edwards signed a contract like this says a lot about his perceived value around the league. He's only 28, a far cry from being a washed up veteran, and had to sign a incentive-laced contract for a relatively low price along with no guaranteed money. That says to me that not many team's were calling, and the ones that were (like the Niners) were completely unwilling to put up with any of his B.S. 

The spectre of T.O lingers on at 4949 Centennial...

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