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2011 NFL Free Agency: Braylon Edwards Agrees With 49ers On One Year Deal

The Braylon Edwards free agency bonanza is over. Edwards signed with the San Francisco 49ers to a one year, $3.5 million deal according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Edwards should provide a nice safety bubble with the injury to Michael Crabtree, and should also complement Josh Morgan in the thin 49ers receiving corps and give them an offensive boost they've needed for years.

This caps off a crazy day which saw Taylor Mays being offered as trade bait, Donte Whitner getting picked up and Dashon Goldson likely on his way out. But Edwards is probably the biggest pickup in an offense that needs weapons. Alex Smith now has a weapon he desperately needs on offense, and the 49ers can hopefully stretch the field with more than just two capable receivers. Edwards averaged 17.1 yards per catch last year, and along with Crabtree should form a dynamic duo on the outside to complement Vernon Davis on the inside

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