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NFL Trade Rumors: 49ers Looking To Move Taylor Mays

Looks like the San Francisco 49ers have decided they've had enough of the Taylor Mays experience. After only having him for one year, the Niners look like they're shopping him.

Actually, 'look' isn't strong enough of a word. They are posting ads on EBay as we speak.

AD: FREE SAFETY. Really, he's free.

We don't really want anything in return. Draft picks, cash, dinner at the Tadich Grill, whatever you want. We're willing to do things for you to take him off our hands Just take him while you can.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the 49ers sent out a mass email to teams everywhere in the NFL that they were willing to part with their second year safety. Even if Mays isn't as good as advertised, it's hard to imagine a more callous way to say goodbye to an employee, even by the painfully cold standards of league team front offices. Twitter? Text? Handwritten note in locker? Who's going to want a guy that a team just tossed out by email?

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