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Andre Ward, Carl Froch Discuss Upcoming Super Six Final Bout In Oakland Press Conference

The Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament has reached the final fight between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. The two fighters wrapped up a three-city promotional tour today with a visit to Ward's hometown of Oakland, California. We'll have a much more detailed write-up in the next 24 hours with plenty of pictures and video.

In the meantime, it's worth noting that while both fighters were confident of their abilities and their chances, it was a fairly sublime affair as they have handled themselves in a classy manner thus far. As both sides pointed out, these promotional tours often lead to trash-talking and belittling of the opponent. In London, Froch did question Ward's power and his performances to date. However, in Oakland Froch acknowledged Ward as a world-class fighter, declaring the two of them as the best in their division and prepared to put on a fantastic fight when they meet October 29.

The two promoters, Dan Goossen and Eddie Hearn, were both optimistic about their respective fighter's chances. Goossen played up to the Oakland crowd, getting the gathering to chant for Ward. Hearn expressed his admiration for Ward and the crowd, but was quick to point out that they would be disappointed on October 29 because Carl Froch was simply in-human and nothing like what Ward had seen to date. Although neither side went to far with the self-promotion, it was still a fairly entertaining affair.

We'll be back with more details from the Oakland press conference, including video and pictures. In the meantime, head over to Bad Left Hook to follow their detailed coverage leading up to the October 29 championship bout.