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Super Six Final: Carl Froch Worried About Judging For Andre Ward In Atlantic City

As the Super Six final approaches in late October, Carl Froch has begun to raise some concerns about the judging of the fight. The fight will take place in Atlantic City and Froch is concerned about fighting an American boxer in America. Given Froch's own dubious decision victory over Andre Dirrell in the opening round of the Super Six, this is not a surprising tactic by the English fighter.

If this fight were being held in California I'd be a bit more concerned about the judging. Hopefully hosting this fight in Atlantic City can remove some of the issues that might arise over questionable judging. Nonetheless, if this goes to the cards and Andre Ward pulls out anything remotely close, expect Carl Froch to raise some serious hell about it. Froch is sitting as a noticeable underdog, so he has at the very least set up an excuse if this fight ends up going to the cards.