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49ers Training Camp: Andy Lee Back Practicing

49ers punter Andy Lee was back on the practice field Tuesday booting some practice punts prior to the formal practice. Lee suffered a hip injury Saturday against the Raiders during a botched field goal attempt and there were questions about the severity of the injury. All indications are that it was some sort of hip pointer that is painful, but shouldn’t cost him regular season playing time.

The 49ers did sign another punter, Sam Paulescu, in part because there really is no need to put Andy Lee in the line of fire the rest of the preseason. Lee is an all-world punter and the 49ers know exactly what he brings to the table, such that preseason games are not particularly necessary outside of getting loose.

More importantly, although David Akers booted a nice little punt on Saturday, the site of him having a punt blocked on a personnel miscue (only ten men on the field) cannot leave the 49ers particularly comfortable. Accordingly, Paulescu will likely get all the punts this Saturday against Houston, and possible next week against San Diego. In the meantime, Andy Lee continues to stay loose at practice.