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Terrelle Pryor Is Not In Oakland Raider Training Camp

Step the virtual presses and back up the cyber trucks, contrary to many reports, including one on this site, Terelle Pryor, the quarterback who was once believed to be on a plane and heading to Napa is still holed up on the East Coast and will not be in Oakland until he signs a contract, which, as has been improperly reported, has also not happened.

Welcome to Drew Rosenhaus. This is absolutely what Terrelle does NOT need. he only has a couple of weeks to learn this offense before he is banished from Alameda.

This is a step back for a football player who already came into the League draped in more question marks than the Riddler.

Stay tuned for, "As the Tables Turn", starring Drew Rosenhaus and Terelle Pryor. I wonder if Terrelle had Drew get an "AP" tattoo before he’d let him be his agent? Time will tell.