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Terrelle Pryor Will Appeal Suspension If Al Davis Wants Him To Appeal

Terrelle Pryor originally said he had no plans to appeal his five game suspension with the NFL after admitting to receiving benefits as a college player. But there were indications that he was reversing on that course of action as early as last week in order to get on the playing field as soon as possible.

Now, in an interview he did over the phone with Mike Tirico during Monday Night Football, Pryor said that he'd appeal the suspension if ...

... wait for it ...

... Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis believed Pryor should appeal.

We all know Al Davis. We all know the history he has with the league. We all know he loves to fight the power and get his way. So you can imagine what is probably going to happen now that Pryor has deferred all responsibility for his decisions on this matter to his owner. Commence mayhem.

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