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Raiders Considering Terrelle Pryor At Multiple Positions

The Oakland Raiders decision to draft Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the NFL Supplemental Draft didn’t surprise a lot of people, but the team now has to figure out how they’ll use the athletic Pryor. Their are conflicting reports with Adam Schefter reporting the team wants to keep Pryor at QB, while John Clayton reported the team wanted to move him to receiver.

Mel Kiper has indicated he thinks Pryor’s best career opportunity would involve moving to wide receiver or tight end. Kiper pointed to a ridiculous 40 time for a man his size, the proven ability to convert players like Antonio Gates, Ronald Curry and others, and the general athleticism Pryor brings to the table.

Again, neither of these cases makes Pryor a sure thing, but when you have that kind of athleticism and size, plus the proven ability to catch the ball, and other traits such as the basketball background of Gates and Graham, the risk-reward proposition doesn’t look that bad. Yes, the Raiders will have to convince Pryor to make the switch. But they may have gained a lot of leverage by making such a commitment to him. He’ll realize quickly that elite wideouts and tight ends in this league can get paid, too. Just ask Larry Fitzgerald.

The Raiders are now sitting without a second, third, or fourth round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That doesn’t make it a bad move to give up a third rounder for Pryor, but they’ll want to make sure they get some kind of return on this pick. Most folks agree he is not destined for greatness as a QB. However, with the athleticism he brings to the table, there are some great opportunities for him to make an impact in the NFL.