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Rich Harden Will Not Be Traded

After nearing trading Rich Harden to the Boston Red Sox last month, the Oakland Athletics could be looking to move their veteran starting pitcher to a different AL East foe -- the New York Yankees. A trade would not be easy, though.

WEEI Radio's blog has the story:

The Yankees have had scouts at the past two starts for Athletics right-handed starter Rich Harden, a sign that the Yankees could possibly be interested in the pitcher, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It also reports that scouts from other potential playoff teams have also been in attendance.


The Red Sox were interested in Harden at the trading deadline. The two teams had a deal in place for the Sox to land Harden, but the deal fell through after the Red Sox saw Harden's medical record and became concerned about his availability for the rest of the season.

Harden has pitched well since the trade deadline and that would be the cause of the Yankees recent interest, though a pitcher with his history of injuries can go down at any time.

A potential deal could become complicated because Harden would have to pass through waivers in order for the Yankees to obtain him. Would playoff contenders such as the Rangers, Red Sox, Tigers, Indians and Angels let Harden get through? Maybe, maybe not. 

As far as a return would go for the A's, it would be minimal. In deals after the trade deadline, most of them would include a player-to-be-named-later or two, along with cash considerations. No major prospects would be made in a move to acquire a guy for a month.

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UPDATE -- 1pm

The Yankees may have been interested in Harden, but it was the Cleveland Indians who placed the claim on him. After this, Oakland pulled him from waivers. Buster Olney tweeted the info:

Rich Harden was pulled back from waivers after being claimed. Cleveland, the team awarded the claim, couldn't work out a deal.

Oh, well.