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Candlestick Park Violence Gang-Related? Norteños & Surenos Suspected

Turns out it might not have been just hooligan behavior responsible for the multitude of fights and mayhem that led to the hospitalization of three males. A source close to the investigation told Tracey Kaplan and Sean Maher of the San Jose Mercury News that the incidents were gang-related, and could have resulted from a rivalry between the two Latin groups that are infamous for their crimes in California.

For those wondering about the backgrounds of the gangs involved, here are some basic known facts about each group:

  • The Norteños are a coalition of Latino gangs that reside primarily in Northern California and have a strong affinity for the region. Of the two teams in question, Norteños will generally wear 49ers gear.
  • The Surenos are a group of street gangs that have their origins in Southern California. They have a small presence in Northern California. Of the two teams in question, they will be wearing Raiders gear, likely as a harkening back to the team's days in Los Angeles.
  • The shooting that's left one man seriously injured is suspected to be gang-related. The bathroom incident is considered to be unrelated.
  • This wouldn't have been the first time the rivalry has clashed at a Raiders/Niners game, as one fan in the article mentioned gunshots being fired at a preseason game in Oakland three years previous.

Obviously, the investigation is still ongoing. But the gang presence does lead a bit more of a menacing air to the violence of Saturday night.

Stay tuned to the SB Nation Bay Area storystream for more on the incident. Discuss the incident with Raiders fans (Silver and Black Pride) and 49ers fans (Niners Nation).