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Brian Wilson Meets Dr. James Andrews About Sore Elbow, No Surgery Required

When a fan hears one of their players is heading to meet Dr. James Andrews, it usually means a surgery is on the horizon. But San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson had no such news from the good doctor after meeting with him down in Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday, reporting no structural damage to his sore right elbow.

The team was very worried about their All-Star when he complained about a sore and stiff right elbow after his 28 pitch blown save on Monday. With fear of ligament damage after a few days of little improvement, the team sent him to see Dr. Andrews. Giants trainer Dave Groeschner spoke about scans taken of Wilson’s elbow, claiming to see “typical pitching stuff” but nothing truly serious. Groeschner spoke on Wilson’s behalf as he was unavailable for comment:

“The great thing about Brian is when he wants the ball, he takes the ball,” Groeschner said. “The tough thing for us is making sure he’s OK to do that. That’s hard. He has to be as honest and upfront as possible. We need him, but we need him healthy.”

The Giants are not looking to put him on the disabled list, but likely won’t be available for the team’s next three game set down in Houston with the Astros.

In other injury news, Jonathan Sanchez plans to throw off of flat ground on Friday, testing his sprained ankle he suffered a few days ago. If all goes well he will start on Sunday as planed, but if not, Dan Runzler is ready to step in.

Jeff Keppinger (wrist) and Eli Whiteside (dizziness) are both available off the bench Thursday.