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Josh McCown Interview Details Relationship With 49ers QB Coach Geep Chryst

The San Francisco 49ers have needed some quarterbacks, and Josh McCown is certainly the type of guy the Niners could use back there. His experience and savvy give him the mettle to succeed in a position where quarterbacks have gone on to earn the immortal title of "unable to unseat Alex Smith as the starter."

Can McCown get past that label? He'll definitely have an ally in the coaching chair in quarterback Geep Chryst. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee has more.

On how he ended up with the 49ers:
"I have a relationship with Geep Chryst, the quarterbacks coach, because he drafted me in Arizona. So way back in like January we talked and said, hey it would be fun to hook up again iof it works out. And I just kind of kept working out and staying ready and eventually started to pursue high school coaching in North Carolina. I was enjoying that, and this door was opened. So I'm excited about that."

McCown didn't get off to a swimming start (Dashon Goldson picked him off twice), but it's still rather early in the process to come to a judgment on McCown. We can come to judgment in the next preseason game after McCown throws two interceptions against the twos and threes of the Oakland Raiders. Then it'll be time to panic, because panicking is what NFL fans do best!

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