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San Francisco Giants Injury Update: Keppinger, Schierholtz X-Rays Negative, Sanchez on Crutches

With the San Francisco Giants roster plastered with injuries as of late, the team caught a bit of a break as Jeff Keppinger's and Nate Schierholtz's X-rays came back negative according to Andrew Baggarly via twitter. That doesn't necessarily get the team out of the woods with these guys yet as they are both considered day-to-day and still could wind up on the DL due to the fact the team needs healthy bodies. 

Schierholtz fouled a ball of his foot on Monday, while Keppinger collided with Braves frist baseman Freddie Freeman, jamming his wrist. Those injuries, along with Sergio Romo (elbow), Carlos Beltran (wrist), Aaron Rowand (intercostal strain),  Andres Torres (leg contusion), Barry Zito (ankle), and the latest injury to Jonathan Sanchez (ankle), leave the Giants a bit shorthanded to say the least and will have to fill the gaps any way they can. 

Sanchez will be on crutches for a while and undoubtedly join his teammates on the DL, meaning call-ups Dan Runzler, Eric Surkamp, or Waldis Joaquin may take his spot in the rotation for a while. Surkamp and Joaquin have not joined the team yet, but one if not both are expected to be soon

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