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Coach Harbaugh Says That 49ers Will Work Out Other QBs (Besides Culpepper) For No. 3 Role

The San Francisco 49ers are prepared to move forward without signing veteran quarterback Daunte Culpepper, according to Tim Kawakami. This does not mean that the 49ers are no longer searching for another quarterback, since they still are. It merely means that the team is willing to look elsewhere to add some depth at the quarterback position.

Culpepper had a workout with the 49ers on Monday. Though the two sides did not strike up a deal afterwards, Culpepper made it known that he would stay in the Bay Area for some time. At that point, a potential deal looked promising. Now, however, it appears that the two parties may split ways as the 49ers continue their search for a veteran signal caller.

At the moment, San Francisco will start Alex Smith at quarterback with Colin Kaepernick as the backup. The 49ers are looking for a veteran quarterback to fill the No. 3 spot, according to Matt Maiocco. This move, if and when the team actually does sign someone, could be instrumental in the grooming of Kaepernick. The young rookie would be able to observe and learn from a veteran during practice without being passive, since Kaepernick would be competing directly against the veteran for the No. 2 spot.

Hence, the 49ers' quest to sign a quarterback continues. The team has not ruled out the possibility of signing Culpepper but is ready to consider other options as well as this point.