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Daunte Culpepper To Stay In Bay Area After Workout With 49ers

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper worked out with the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, and some expected the 34-year old veteran to sign with the 49ers as a backup for Alex Smith. Though nothing has happened yet, Culpepper will remain in San Francisco, according to Matt Maiocco.

Culpepper has spent 11 seasons in the NFL, playing for four teams during that time span. He spent seven seasons with the Minnesota Vikings (1999-2005) before spending one season each with the Miami Dolphins (2006) and the Oakland Raiders (2007). Culpepper spent two more seasons with the Detroit Lions (2008-2009).

The 49ers are considering Culpepper as a backup to quarterback Alex Smith. Currently, rookie Colin Kaepernick sits behind Smith on the QB depth chart. San Francisco would like to shore up its depth at signal caller with a veteran, and Culpepper seems to fit that bill.

Though no deal has been made yet between 49ers and, the fact that Culpepper will remain in town seems to suggest that there is mutual interest between the two parties. There is no guarantee that a deal will be made, but Culpepper's decision to remain in San Francisco could lead to negotiation talks between the two sides.