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Alex Smith Receives Twice As Many Reps As Colin Kaepernick During Practice

According to Matt Maiocco, Alex Smith received twice as many reps as Colin Kaepernick during Monday's practice. This development is a good sign for the San Francisco 49ers and shows that the team is not being hasty in response to their disappointing 24-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Friday. The 49ers did not find consistent quarterback production out of either Smith or Kapernick during the game, and the decision seems to indicate that the team is sticking steadfast to Smith as the likely starter.

In addition to receiving twice as many reps as Kaepernick overall, Smith received 40 first-team reps while Kaepernick received only four. Again, the 49ers are showing a vote of confidence in Smith, which should only boost his morale as the preseason continues.

The problem of poor quarterback production does not rest solely on the two quarterbacks, however. The offensive line showed some poor protection during Friday's game and allowed the Saints to pile up six total sacks. The linemen need to do a better job of protecting the quarterback, and extra reps with Smith should help the linemen do just that as the 49ers' second preseason game against the Oakland Raiders approaches on Saturday.