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Daunte Culpepper Could Be Close To Signing With 49ers

It is no secret that the San Francisco 49ers are looking at any and all options at the quarterback position and they are reportedly turning to a well-known veteran to add to their depth chart. Who? No other then Daunte Culpepper.

Matt Maiocco of CSN just tweeted the news:

Daunte Culpepper has already worked out for 49ers, and source said he expects team to try sign him to a 1-year deal.

What role would Culpepper exactly have should he sign with the team? Maiocco weighs in on this situation once again in this report:

If the deal is completed, Culpepper could be on the practice field at 2:30 p.m. for the team's scheduled three-hour workout. But the 49ers do not envision Culpepper as a competitor for the starting job. If the 49ers sign Culpepper, he would arrive as the third quarterback.


If the 49ers sign Culpepper, 34, he would not be taking over for Smith or Kaepernick. And he would not be joining the quarterback competition. There aren't enough practice snaps at this stage of training camp to hold a three-way competition.

At this stage, the 49ers are looking for a third quarterback with experience who does not need many practice snaps to be able to function in a game -- if needed.

It would be an interesting signing to say the least. Anyone who envisions Culpepper as a player who would see regular playing time once the seasons starts is probably fooling themselves, but he is an experienced veteran with a ton of NFL experience. 

The fact is, Alex Smith has not exactly dazzled to this point in training camp and Colin Kaepernick likely isn't ready to become a full-time starter in the league. Does Coach Harbaugh view this as a potential mentoring opportunity for his young quarterbacks or is there legitimate concern about the future of the quarterback position in San Francisco?

Stay tuned to SB Nation Bay Area for complete coverage of Daunte Culpepper and his interactions with the team. For more 49ers coverage, be sure to check out Niners Nation.