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Hideki Matsui Clears Waivers, Eligible To Be Traded

Although the 2011 MLB trade deadline passed, the waiver trade deadline is still two weeks away. The July 31st trade deadline is for non-waiver trades, while the next deadline allows teams to trade any player that can clear waivers. Teams will place a player on waivers and if he clears he can then be dealt. If another team places a claim on the player the original team can either pull the player back off waivers and keep him, or just let the opposing team take on his contract.

The A’s placed several of their veterans on waivers and Hideki Matsui has reportedly cleared waivers. The A’s have not indicated a plan to deal their 37-year old designated hitter, but the option is available. Matsui struggled immensely through the first half of the season but has been on fire since the All Star break. His first half line was .209/.290/.327 while his second half line is .410/.470/.630. Although that second half line is only over 100 at bats, it’s still an impressive line.

Manager Bob Melvin has said if he returns as manager in 2012 he’d like Matsui back on the roster. If he has settled in at the Coliseum he does bring some value to the team, but they’ll have to consider their long-term plans with guys like Chris Carter and Michael Taylor, and whether they’ll use the designated hitter role for them.