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VIDEO: David Villa Goal, Lionel Messi Assist, FC Barcelona Equalizes Real Madrid

The Bay Area is big on supporting international soccer, with huge group watching parties all around local bars dedicated to watching the sport. There are lots of Americans who have latched onto the game and found a team to root for. They're usually good teams, they have great players, and they win a lot. It goes to show you that you don't have to be a Cowboys or Lakers or Yankees fan to be a perennial frontrunner. Just become a casual soccer fan and you'll be bandwagoning like no other.

It's hard to think of two teams more universally adored and reviled like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two main sides in La Liga in Spain. So I suspect plenty of you will be interested in this beautiful thread the needle touch by Lionel Messi, the strike into the far back corner of the net by David Villa, and the analyst for GolTV expressing opinions of all cyclops everywhere.

 (via EdwinTV42)