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49ers QB Competition: Jim Harbaugh Bets On Alex Smith As Starter

In what has to be one of the least surprising stories of the offseason, the San Francisco 49ers have an issue at quarterback. Alex Smith didn't have an inspiring performance in his first preseason game (although to be fair, the pass protection he received was horrid), and Colin Kaepernick showed enough flashes to make Niners fans wonder what a change would be like. It's been the rinse/repeat formula for the 49ers at quarterback for the past half-decade.

So 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be asked about the situation a lot. He's a bit noncommittal, but he is leaning in one direction right now. Eric Branch of the Chronicle:

"If I'm a betting man, I'm betting on Alex Smith," Harbaugh said then. A day earlier, he had given Smith, then an unrestricted free agent, a playbook with the understanding Smith would re-sign with the team.


Harbaugh said his mind-set hasn't changed, but a "clear-cut definitive winner" has yet to emerge.

That isn't quite the same confident tone Harbaugh was striking up on Smith a few weeks ago though. But it seems Harbaugh still thinks he's the man on top. Kaepernick seems fairly content about his current progression.


Q: What was your mentality after being sacked on three straight plays?

CK: You just have to come back swinging. It's not something where you can think about it -- 'Oh, I just got sacked.' You have to come back the next play thinking it's going to be your best play and just try to keep moving forward.

That being said? The situation might call on an older face to remedy the situation on a short-term basis.

Based on the lack of an experienced quarterback beyond Smith on the roster, Harbaugh said it is a possible the 49ers would add another QB if the "right person" were available.

Jeff George, come on down! (At least Vernon Davis is confident.)

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