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Oakland Raiders Injury Report: Hiram Eugene Requires Hip Surgery

The Oakland Raiders have suffered their first significant injury early in the 2010-11 season. Hiram Eugene will require hip surgery after dislocating it when Deuce Lutui fell on him in the opening preseason game against the Cardinals. The Raiders have precious little secondary depth behind Tyvon Branch and Michael Huff, placing more pressure on Mike Mitchell and Stevie Brown to hold up the backline.

John Clayton of ESPN speculates that Eugene "could be" out for the season*. This is great journalism right there, using the word "could" to speculate on something to get off the hook if Eugene comes back in a few weeks. John Clayton also reports that Eugene "could be" at In-N-Out right now*, and "could be" ordering a Double-Double with Animal style fries, and "could be" doing it with two Maxim 100 models draped on either arm*. These reports may or may not be

*Only one of the reports above was actually tweeted by John Clayton. But John Clayton "could be" considering Tweeting about any of these things!

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